Gib stopping is more than a job for our stoppers at Flash Interior Limited. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is driven by a genuine satisfaction of knowing that we have done a great job for you. Whether you require a gib stopper as part of a complete package or you just need your bathroom stopping to be done. You can expect a skilled well trained meticulous Gib stopper. With a Flash Interior limited gib stopper you will achieve a pleasing result. By requesting a consultation by one of our Gib stoppers you will be on your way to achieving better looking home making it a joy to relax or entertain your friends and family. Our Auckland Gib stopping  team is recognized for doing what we say we will do, when we need to do it. This simple philosophy has consistently allowed homeowners and builders to achieve long lasting beauty in their homes.



Gib fixers need to observe correct sheet layout and back-blocking to ASNZ Standards this is crucial to a good looking long lasting finish with maximum crack resistance. Our specialist project managers and Gib fixers are trained and experienced in the most effective techniques of Gib fixing for a long term quality finish. We strongly recommend getting one of our Gib fixer specialist involved early on with a site visit. Unfortunately, there are a number of crucial issues related to the Gib fixing that are generally not considered by most Gib fixers or even by architects and builders. Many gib fixing failures are a result of not following AS/NZS2588 – 1998 for Plasterboard installation.   These issues often also relate to Gib board layout with respect to framing and to ceiling battens or design issues. Talk to one of our professionals today or find out more below.



With Auckland house painters Flash Interior Limited you will achieve a more beautiful longer lasting paint finish. Our processes are designed to minimise inconvenience to discerning Auckland home owners. We also work closely with New Zealand’s most trusted paint company to certify that your interior painting project has been carried out with top quality materials and only according to strict specifications. Because we certify quality on every interior painting job we are able to provide you with a house painting guarantee that is the best in the business. Call us today.



Coving 55mm, 75mm, 90mm


Insulation walls and cellings

Wallpaper stripping

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